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chumney repair kingston londonRoof Repair Kingston, London

searching for Roof Repair Kingston? Westend Roofing and Guttering Ltd offer many roofing services at sensible prices across Kingston, London areas.

Slate Roofing

Throughout our slate roof repair services, we use both new and reclaimed slates. If you’re looking to maintain your existing slate roof, using reclaimed slates we can match the style of your existing roof as close as possible, ensuring the best presentation of your home or business

GRP Fibreglass Flat Roofing Kingston

Westend Roofing and Guttering Ltd install and repair GRP fiberglass flat roofing in Kingston and surrounding areas London. We are proud to offer both domestic and commercial roofing services. We offer professional advice based on our 20-year experience in the fiberglass industry.
We are a Guildford based family run highly skilled and experienced glass-reinforced plastic fiberglass flat Roof Repair Kingston for all your GRP flat roofs repair needs in Kingston.

UPVC Fascias and Gutters

Well-maintained fascias, soffits, gutters, and other rainwater goods ensure your home looks attractive and well cared for while also providing critical protection for the underlying structure of your entire roof. Water getting in = damage!

For example, your fascia boards support the guttering. They also protect joist ends and rafters from direct contact with the elements. Soffits, which are fitted under the fascia board, maybe fluted or vented to prevent condensation in the roof void. And, of course, a clear and fully functioning gutter system is needed to channel copious amounts of rainwater away from the vulnerable areas of your roof. We offer guttering clearing service and guttering rel[pacement if needed.

Roof Moss Removal / Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in Kingston, London

​Westend Roofing and Guttering Ltd are a specialist Roof Cleaning company. Don't let moss growth catch you out and cost you a fortune!
During the cool and moist months, these spores grow into moss, which soaks up the water like a sponge preventing it from running off the roof and into the gutters, therefore sitting on your roof, against your tiles resulting in damage to your home and roof both internally and externally.

From a small listed dwelling to a large housing complex, we will ensure a very competitive roof cleaning quote and the very highest standards in cleaning roofs throughout Kingston, London.


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